Yup, I forgot.

Well at least it's the same year this time. But I did go and see that animal mentioned in the previous post that I've been wanting to see for years.

Yup, I finally got to see fossa close up and IRL, at a zoo not terribly far from here, and in a nice exhibit, with 'glass' viewing window, so photos don't end up with wire in the way. I brought a friend too - one with a nice camera :-)
However, I don't see a way to simply post pictures here. Probably need a payed account.......yeah, I'd really get the most out of that investment.
Anyways, they were gorgeous animals. 2 males, in separate enclosures so they didn't maul each other :-P

In other news, my tires are showing quite a bit of nylon where there's supposed to be tread, so I think it's time to consider replacing them. Unfortunately most places seem to want money for new ones, so there'll be some delay in that acquisition. Next on the list? Dying starter. And then my favorite, TRANSMISSION! Having a tuned car with a laggy turbo and NO 2ND GEAR really sucks. She makes about no power at all before 3500rpm :-P But I think part of that is being caused by something else, possibly clashing engine management.
Considering my poor RX-7 hasn't been to a mechanic in like 5 years, I guess she's hanging in there pretty decently.

Oh yeah.....I've had 3 meals in a row of pizza. Yay for leftovers.<input ... ></input><input ... >
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Oh right, I have a LJ account

Well, looks like I made this account some time back.  But it seems worth mentioning what I spotted crossing the street earlier this week, not 50 feet from the house.
No, not raccoons........I get to see them pretty often around here.  If I had it my way, the raccoons would be using a doggy door in and out of the house, but I don't.  And I know from experience in wildlife rehab what can happen to wild animals who trust humans too much.  Too much risk in an area like this.

No.....what I saw were river otters.  Just walking casually across the road mid-day, still wet from whatever water they had left.  A lovely female otter and her smaller single offspring keeping very close.  I followed them till they arrived at the lake.  They didn't seem too concerned with me, but I tried not to worry them by getting too close.  Once at the lake I watched them for some time.  Maybe I'll head out to the lake now and then and watch for them in the future.

Makes me wish once again that I had a decent camera.  I've missed some really good photo ops in the past, including things I'll simply not see elsewhere.  Who has the cash to drop on toys though?  Oh yeah, other people!  Good thing I know some of them.....I intend to borrow a camera in the near future for some animals I've been wanting to see IRL for years.  Perhaps I'll do a follow-up posting on that, but then again, maybe I'll forget about my account again.
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Posting something so it's not blank

I created this account so I could +friend others should I choose to.  Not really one for keeping up a personal diary, but may decide to post in the future.  For now, just looking forward to watching Transformers in the theaters, Sub-level 03's latest material, and Gruul dropping my defender gear tonight.  Hmm....and getting a refreshing drink.
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